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ECCS Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

We seek to glorify God by bringing covenant children to spiritual maturity through a classical Christian education and biblical training and teaching using a Christian world-view as a foundation for all learning with a commitment to prayer and the Reformed faith.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to continue to grow as the Lord provides, using our gifts and talents to serve as many students in our area that desire a classical Christian education.

Vision for our School Framework:  We seek to continue to employ the classical Christian model, systematically reviewing, refining and improving both our academic offerings and co-curricular activities.
Vision for our School Families:  We seek to serve families by partnering with them to train their children to think clearly and listen carefully, to be socially graceful and spiritually gracious, to embody humility and gratitude to God, and to know and love the Lord Jesus.  We seek to graduate students who will evaluate their entire range of experience in the light of the Scriptures and to do so with eagerness and joyful submission to God.
Vision for our School Faculty:  We seek to recruit and retain highly qualified, professional faculty who are gifted in teaching, who love their students and subjects, and who are continually growing in their knowledge of and love for the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek faculty who themselves are lifelong learners, and we desire to provide opportunities for our faculty to be refreshed and renewed.
Vision for our School Finances: We seek to provide an affordable classical Christian education to our families, to provide a fair wage for the laborers who provide it, and to be above reproach in our financial dealings.
Vision for our School Facility:  We seek to maintain our current facility that God has blessed us with in a manner that honors the Lord and the sacrifice His people have made to provide it for us.  Further, we seek to carefully plan for improvement to our facility, including needed additions, to facilitate and/or grow our current program.