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General Uniform Policy and Guidelines

  • Students at ECCS will wear school uniforms on all school days unless otherwise specified. All articles of clothing must be clean and in good condition. Clothing is meant to be modest at all times including special events and Spirit Days.  At no time should clothing be too tight or revealing in any way. Torn clothing is unacceptable and will be considered out of code. Uniforms will be purchased from Lands’ End by calling 1-800-469-2222 or by visiting the Lands' End website at When ordering uniforms, please give Lands’ End our school number, #9000-5632-6. Also, remember to purchase your uniforms using Scrip, and a significant percentage of your uniform purchase will be donated back to the school.  
  • No non-uniform items of clothing (such as jackets or non-uniform sweatshirts) may be worn inside the building unless specific permission has been granted by the administration to do so.  (i.e., a special dress up day, a play day, etc.)
  • Logic and Rhetoric Physical Education (PE) students will wear gym shorts and T-shirts, as specified by ECCS, their choice of athletic shoes and white socks.  In cooler weather, students may wear plain navy sweatpants (no embellishments) and a plain grey sweatshirt.
  • Backpacks must not have any character designs.  Rolling backpacks are not allowed due to concerns of congestion in the hallways and the tripping hazard the handles pose when they are on the floor.  All personal items must be kept inside backpack or inside student locker.
  • Visible tattoos, body piercing (except single pierced lobes for girls only), or heavy/unusual makeup are not allowed.
  • Both boys’ and girls’ hairstyles must be neat and must not obstruct vision.  Boy’s hair must not come past mid-ear, must not fall past the eye, and must be at or above the collar.  No spiked or gelled hairstyles that draw undue attention to oneself will be allowed.  Boys must be clean shaven, with no long sideburns.  Neither girls nor boys may dye their hair unnatural colors.  Should a hair cut be required, the student and parent will be notified.  The parents should have the student’s hair cut appropriately within one week from the date of notification to avoid disciplinary action. 
  • Girls’ skirts are to be knee-length, meaning no shorter than one inch above the knee.  Students and parents will be notified if a skirt is too short, and the student must refrain from wearing the skirt again.
  • All shirts must be tucked in except for Rhetoric School girls’ ¾” length oxfords, and tee shirts on Spirit Days.
  • No hats, caps, head scarves, bandanas, gloves (with or without fingers), or sunglasses may be worn inside the school building. Teachers may use discretion to allow caps and sunglasses outdoors.
  • The teachers and administration will determine whether students are complying with this dress code and may ban other items or practices considered generally inconsistent with the intent of this policy. Dress code compliance is important to the consistency and atmosphere of self-discipline and compliance within the school.  As it is a matter of obedience, dress code will be a matter of discipline, and demerits will be issued to students who violate the dress code. 
  • Special events, such as spirit days, dances and socials, will call for specific dress codes.  At all times, students should abide by the guidelines provided and should seek to honor God through their appearance.  Modesty and decency in dress will always be required of student attending special events. Dresses for Cotillion and Protocol must be pre-approved by the ECCS uniform committee, which will send out specific instructions before the events.