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Volunteer at ECCS

Volunteer Interest Form:

So many of our school's activities and programs, including some of the programs that bring the most enjoyment to our students, depend upon volunteer planning and participation We ask that every family consider how they might contribute to ECCS in the form of volunteer work--a good rule of thumb is that every family contribute a minimum of five volunteer hours, though we know that many of our families exceed that number by a great deal.  

Planning and participating in school activities as a volunteer is also one of the best ways for parents to get to know other parents and get to know the teachers.  Our school is often described as a "family," and that is an apt description.  As a family, we work together to make good things happen.  If you haven't been called upon to volunteer or if it's been a while since you were part of our volunteer team, let us know what types of activities you are interested in volunteering for by filling out the form below.  The forms will be collected, and when volunteer spots arise or new events are being planned, we will look through the forms that have been submitted and give potential volunteers a call!

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