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Earning Elective Credits at ECCS

Mrs. Julia Hankins and her Art I students
Philosophy of Elective Offerings: 
Electives are offered as students request them, and as qualified teaching staff becomes available.  It is our desire to offer quality electives that enhance our classical Christian school mission, such as electives in the fine arts, Advanced Latin, other foreign languages, literature, science, and other areas of interest to our students. 
Required Elective Credits:
In order to graduate from ECCS, each student is required to earn a total of three elective credits in addition to the successful completion of the 26 hours of required core curriculum.  One of those three elective credits must be in the fine arts. 

Earning Elective Credits:
  • Elective credits may be earned by successfully completing courses at ECCS.  Every ECCS student will have up to six periods during the four years of Rhetoric School in which elective credits may be earned.
  • Elective credits may be earned by participating in ECS sports.  The Evangel Athletics Credit Pre-Approval Form must be turned in by the specified deadline at the beginning of each season, and the Evangel Athletics Credit Completion Form, signed by the parent, must be turned in by the specified deadline at the end of each season.  Each season of any ECS sport constitutes ½ credit under the Physical Education department on the ECCS transcript.
  • Other credits may be earned outside of ECCS courses, provided the rigorous criteria below are met:
    • The amount of time spent in active instruction by an expert, non-parent is equal to either one-half or one whole Carnegie unit, that is 60 hours or 120 hours, respectively.  Time spent in unsupervised practice, studying, etc., is not considered active instruction time.
    • The Outside Credit Pre-Approval form is completed by the specified deadline before the semester begins and the content of the course is approved by a review of the Curriculum Committee of the Board.
    • Each quarterly progress report, signed by the instructor, is submitted by the specified deadline, indicating the student’s continued and successful participation.
    • No outside elective credits may replace any course in the ECCS core curriculum.
    • No credits that appear on other transcripts (such as junior college transcript) will be put on the ECCS transcript.  (You would want to transfer this credit from the college, not from ECCS.)No credits will be awarded for jobs students do for which they are compensated.
Elective Scheduling:
  • Rhetoric School electives will be taught during the last two periods of the school day.
  • Once all elective requirements are met, ECCS Rhetoric students may continue to take additional electives or may choose to leave after the core curriculum periods for their grade level.
  • Freshmen have to attend all eight periods UNLESS they get pre-approval for a credit that will replace their fine arts credit.
  • Sophomores have to attend all eight periods UNLESS they have already earned their fine arts credit or have a pre-approval to earn it outside of ECCS during the sophomore year.
  • Juniors have to stay at least until after 7th period UNLESS they have already earned all three required credits, including their fine arts credit OR they have pre-approval that will complete the credit requirements during the junior year.
  • Per the above requirements, seniors will necessarily have completed their elective credits.  On the rare occasion that they have not, then they will have to stay as long as needed to finish out the three required elective credits.